Gak Ada Isinya


Well a big question is, who are they?

From left to right : Arif (HI UI 2009) Ario (Komunikasi UI 2008) Jojo (it’s me) Atikah (Komunikasi UI 2010) and Dara (Komunikasi UI 2008)

It’s the team of the 2nd IMUN (Indonesia Model United Nations) 2011 Roadshow in Jogjakarta \m/ !!

Well what i…

Jembatan Penyeberangan Dulu, Baru Gedung Baru DPR

"Jembatan Penyeberangan Dulu, Baru Gedung Baru DPR" oleh Muhammad Arif

Relevansi Teori Hegemoni
Speak up!

There are times when you regret for not speaking up in the class..

How “green” are IRs theories?

In my opinion, we cannot judge certain IRs theory is more “green” than the others. Green Theory is the only IRs theory that is “green”. It’s simply because Green Theory is the only IRs theory talking about environment. Other theories, such as Realism and Liberalism, do not talk about environment. States, as principal actor for Realism, care about environmental issues when they affect the balance of power and the position of states in the structure of international system. Yet, Realism per se doesn’t talk about environment. Thus, it’s not “green”. The point is that being not “green” as IRs theories is not bad at all. Different theories talk about different matters. No need to judge “green” degree of them.

First touch vital, menentukan..

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Prinsip defense one on one:
1. Salah satu kaki, yang terkuat, di depan
2. Pusat grafitasi serendah mungkin
3. Jangan menjulurkan kaki

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Harus ada selalu ada last man (pemain 1) ..

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Harus selalu ada pemain di tiang 2..

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